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Freeze Dried Raw Beef

Freeze Dried Raw Beef

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***Every order is made fresh to maximize the quality of your meat. Each order average wait time is 3-6 weeks from the order date placed. All orders will ship as they are received. If you are on a subscription plan your orders will be shipped as priority each month before orders. Limited quantities are available for subscriptions.. Email us and ask if would like to get on our subscription list. Limited spots are available.***

All meat is packaged in 1 lbs = 4 servings

4 servings is packaged in 1 small mylar bag

12 servings is 1 large mylar bag that contains 3 separately  vacuumed seal bag inside.

24-96 servings come in the same bags as the 12 servings. Example 24 servings is 2 bags of the 12 servings mylar bags.

TEXT 918-704-2340 for any other questions or email



Each order is made fresh to maximize the life of the product.

☑️ 10-15 year shelf life.
☑️ Grass-fed, grass-finished.
☑️ No vaccines.
☑️ Freeze-drying process retains all nutrients.
☑️ 4oz freeze-dried package = 1 lb raw hydrated meat.
☑️ Packaged in an air-tight, vacuum-sealed package, with an oxygen & moisture absorbing packet.
☑️ The blood and fat will show up just like fresh ground beef bought from the store.


4 servings = 1 lbs of rehydrated meat, 12 servings = 3 lbs of rehydrated meat, 24 servings = 6 lbs of rehydrated meat, 36 servings = 9 lbs of rehydrated meat, 48 servings = 12 lbs of rehydrated meat, 96 servings = 24 lbs of rehydrated meat

Unlike others, our freeze-dried ground beef is prepared RAW allowing you protein-packed and nutrient-rich raw meat to use the same way you would if it was fresh from the store.

GridDownChowDown freeze-dried ground beef will rehydrate entirely after 10-15 minutes in cool water. It’s an excellent addition to chilis, casseroles, stews, and even makes a delicious hamburger patty!

Orders are non refundable. 

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  • Premium Quality Beef

    Premium Freeze-Dried Beef

    We minimize processing by freeze-drying our beef from a raw state.

  • Made In The Usa

    Made In The USA

    Our grass-fed beef is prepared fresh in Bixby, Oklahoma.

  • 10-15 year shelf life

    10-15 Year Shelf-Life

    Great for camping, hunting or preparing for the unexpected.

  • 1.

    Remove oxygen packet.

  • 2.

    Break up package contents and add to bowl.

  • 3

    Add enough cool water to cover meat (roughly 10oz or more).

  • 4.

    Let sit for 10-15 minutes or until fully hydrated and soft to the touch.

  • 5.

    Drain any excess water and cook as desired!

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Joe D.
Excellent Service

Nace was excellent to work with.

Frank Nichols
Survey came before the order

Order came today thanks

Sebethia coleman

I haven't received my grid down chow down.

Mary Jane Bradsher
Have not used yet

Have not used yet
Want for emergency

Kriemhild Oudheusden

It is a great item especially since it lasts that long. I am very pleased